1. rusticity, ruralism, agrarianism; pastoralism, pastorality, bucolicism; inurbanity, back-woodsiness, provincialism, provinciality, yokelism, Sl. hickishness; hominess, homeliness, homishness, Inf. folksiness.
2. boorishness, loutishness, oafishness, doltishness, cloddishness, lubberliness, clownishness, lumpishness; crudeness, crassness, brutishness, barbarity, beastliness, bestiality, swinishness, contemptibleness, con-temptibility, vileness, baseness; rudeness, uncouthness, coarseness, unmannerliness; arrogance, audacity, audaciousness, impudence, insolence, impertinence, brashness, brazenness, boldness, presumption, pre-sumptuousness.
3. surliness, cantankerousness, irascibility, irascibleness, crabbiness, iracundity, obnoxiousness, choler, brusqueness, pepperiness, crustiness, grumpiness, grouchiness, dyspepsia, thorniness, bearishness, snap-pishness, waspishness, snarling, growling, bristling; crossness, feistiness, huffiness, huffishness, huff, irritability, irritableness, peevishness, crankiness, biliousness, testiness, touchiness, ill-temperedness, bad-tem-peredness, short-temperedness, chip on the shoulder; fractiousness, quarrelsomeness, cavil, disagreeableness, Inf. orneriness, Inf. bitchiness, Inf. ugliness; causticity, mordancy, mordacity, sharpness, sarcasm, insult; incivility, roughness, harshness; abruptness, curtness, shortness, terseness, bluntness.
4. miserliness, niggardliness, penuriousness, parsimony, parsimoniousness, usuriousness, Obs. usurousness, tightness, tight-fistedness, closeness, close-fistedness, close-handedness, Inf. stinginess, Inf. cheapness, narrowness, illiberalness, illiberality, grudgingness, scrimpingness, pinchingness; beggarliness, meagerness, paltriness, shabbiness; sordidness, avariciousness, avarice, greed, rapacity, rapaciousness, extortion; covetousness, venality.
5. obstinacy, obstinateness, stubbornness, pertinacity, doggedness; implacability, implacableness, intractability, intractableness, obdurateness, pigheadedness, bullheadedness, mulishness, stiffness, rigidity, rigidness, stoniness; perverseness, perversity, contrariness, contumacy, contumaciousness, untowardness, balkiness, frowardness, willfulness; rebelliousness, insubordination, unruliness, disobedience, factiousness, refractoriness, incorrigibleness, ungovernableness, ungovernability, unmanageableness, unmanageability.

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